Japan Prefectures And Regions | Interesting Fun facts about japan

        Japan is one of the best places to visit in the world. Just like Many other countries in the world this Amazing Asian country also presents a rich and fascinating history of thousands of years in ages.

Japan Prefectures And Regions

Japan is the house of many temples like; Shinto and Buddhist temples that were built and were famous for its worshippers, Even before Europe's Historical church's were built. Many Battles happened in history of Japan and Many disasters came but These sites are still as good as new. These And Many other oldest sites presents the rich history and culture to its visitors. Its obvious that Japan was always one of the quick developing country from a long time in many fields like textile, Pottery, ceramics and many other. There are Many Beautiful, Enchanting, Heart touching sites to explore in Japan.

What region is Japan in OR Where is it on a map?

It is an island Country of East Asia which is located in  the North Pacific Ocean off the coast of the Asian continent.
Japan Prefectures And Regions

What are Regions and Prefectures of Japan?

(what are prefectures: Prefectures are the governmental bodies of Japan which are larger than cities, towns, and villages. Just like states are in US.)

This Country is divided into 47 Prefectures which are stretching from Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south. These 47 Prefectures are divided into 9 regions geographically which are :
All of the rest states are divided into these nine regions according to their areas :

Hokkaido 北海道 :

1. Hokkaido 北海道

Tohoku 東北 

2. Aomori 青森

3. Akita 秋田

4. Iwate 岩手

5. Yamagata 山形

6. Miyagi 宮城

7. Fukushima 福島

Kanto 関東 :

8. Tochigi 栃木

9. Gunma 群馬

10. Ibaraki 茨城

11. Saitama 埼玉

12. Tokyo 東京

13. Chiba 千葉

14. Kanagawa 神奈川

Chubu 中部 :

15. Niigata 新潟 

16. Ishikawa 石川

17. Toyama 富山

18. Nagano 長野

19. Fukui 福井

20. Gifu 岐阜

21. Yamanashi 山梨

22. Aichi 愛知

23. Shizuoka 静岡

Kansai 関西 :

24. Hyogo 兵庫

25. Kyoto 京都

26. Shiga 滋賀

27. Osaka 大阪

28. Nara 奈良

29. Mie 三重

30. Wakayama 和歌山

Chugoku 中国 :

31. Tottori 鳥取
32. Shimane 島根

33. Okayama 岡山

34. Hiroshima 広島

35. Yamaguchi 山口

Shikoku 四国 :

36. Kagawa 香川

37. Ehime 愛媛

38. Tokushima 徳島

39. Kochi 高知

Kyushu & Okinawa 九州・沖縄 :

40. Fukuoka 福岡

41. Saga 佐賀

42. Nagasaki 長崎

43. Kumamoto 熊本

44. Oita 大分

45. Miyazaki 宮崎

46. Kagoshima 鹿児島

47. Okinawa 沖縄

Japan Prefectures And Regions

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