Fun Things To Do In Washington State | Map,Population,Capital

Washington state contains a large number of natural scenarios that every nature lover dreams to visit and live in Rain forests, Green landscapes, inactive volcanos, Beaches and unlimited Fun places to go and live in. in this post we'll tell you about Fun Things To Do In Washington State.

Fun Things To Do In Washington State

Washington State Facts and Overview:

Washington State is located in the upper northwest region of the United is called as Washington state to differentiate from Washington D.C the national capital of U.S. Washington state is among the top lumber producers in the America. It's named after George Washington ,Who was The first American Prime minister. This American state has a very rich and productive soil and surface. As mentioned above it is one of high quantity lumber producer, its very famous in wood But that's not all, it's included in top apples, red raspberries, spearmint oil, sweet cherries, lentils, dry edible peas, hops and pears producers in the United States.

 According to a survey, The State is divided into 39 counties, Number of cities are 281 and there are many small towns and regions which aren't included in above numbers. These are 10 big cities of Washington state ; 








Spokane Valley.



the remaining cities are pretty big in numbers But here we're talking about Best Places to visit  in Washington State, if you wanna see them in details you can visit here. These are some of the beautiful places in Washington State.

Top 15 Tourist Attractions In Washington State:

1.        The Olympic National Park.

Fun Things To Do In Washington State

The Olympic National Park in Port Angeles offers a wide range of natural attractions to enjoy. Within the park there are  ocean beaches, glaciered mountaintops, mineral springs and clear water for natural swimming, 
the park is the best place to enjoy the busy life of cities and enjoy natural scenarios. From the magical Hoh Rain Forest to the magnificent Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park has a vast range of natural attractions to enjoy.

2.        Seattle Centre.

Fun Things To Do In Washington

        Seattle center is stretched across 74 acres of land. Seattle center is an active arts and family gathering place, centered around the International Fountain. it's where the 1962 World’s Fair took place. Many cultural, educational, sports and entertainment organizations works here together with the public each type of programs, events are organized here and Millions of visitors comes across Seattle center each year to visit, enjoy and take parts in these activities.
        Most famous and top tourist attractions of the Seattle center are Space Needle, Chihuly Garden and Glass, Pike Place Market, Museum of Pop Culture, Pioneer Square Historic District, Museum of Flight, Volunteer Park, Discovery Park.....etc. Know More About Seattle Center and Seattle city.

3.        San Juan Islands.

San Juan islands, Washington State

    San Juan Islands are very popular in Washington state, there are 172 islands which are named as S.J.islands. Each of them has something unique to explore, There are 5 large islands among all these :San Juan Island, Orcas Island, Lopez Island, Blakely Island, Sucia Island.
All These islands are best foKayaking, bird and wildlife viewing, camping, sailing, hiking, fishing and much more fun things to do here.
These islands are full with tourists and visitors all the year, So there's no need to wait for a specific time visitors can easily catch a ferry ride from Anacortes, WA or Sidney, BC. Most Famous tourist spots in these islands are Friday Harbor, Eastsound, and Moran State Park.

4.        Mount Rainier National Park.

Mount Rainier National Park Washington state

    Mount Rainier National Park is a must-to see place when visiting/travelling Washington State. Mount Rainier is an active volcano and in the summer season it can be seen from miles away. Well if you don't know you'll be amazed that Mount Rainier is America's fifth national Park, Mount Rainier's peak contains greater no of the glaciers in the contiguous U.S.
These are among the many fun things to do in Mount Rainier ; Hiking at the Sourdough Ridge Trail, Having Brunch at Paradise, Sightseeing on the White Pass and Chinook Scenic Byways, Seeing New Exhibits at the Sunrise Visitor Center, Riding the Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad, Discovering the Falls, Walking in the Wildflowers in Paradise, Summit House Dinners; Scenic Gondola Rides, Visiting the Temperate Rainforest at Carbon River, Trek to Silver Falls at Ohanapecosh, and unlimited things more to do all around the year.

5.      Leavenworth.

Leavenworth Washington state

    Leavenworth is a small, beautifully designed like germen culture, village in Washington State.Leavenworth has very great cultural attractions and its festivals are just mindblowing.Visitors always get very warm hospitality by the residents
These are the top things to do in Leavenworth : Skiing at Stevens Pass Resort, Mountain cycling at Stevens Pass, Hikes near Leavenworth, Sauer Mountain Hike, Colchuck Lake Hike(this is a very charming and enchanting lake in Leavenworth), Soak at Scenic Hot Springs, Whitewater Rafting with Wild Water, Explore Blackbird Island all year long, Cross-Country Skiing or Snowshoeing, Visiting Lake Wenatchee and many more things to do.

6.        North cascades National Park.

North cascades National Park, Washington state

    NORTH CASCADES NATIONAL PARK is located in the Pacific Northwest. Anyone'll be amazed to visit there it is a land of beauty and natural resources like narrow river valleys and mountain ranges Covered in forest and with glaciers and lakes.
These are the top things to do in North Cascades National Park; walk-visiting on sterling murno trail, Going for a memorable drive on north cascades highway, sight seeing on Diablo Lake Vista Point, Adventuring on Ross Lake, Visiting Washington Pass....... and doing many more things there ,you won't be able to forget all these beautiful memories for a long long time.

7.        Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument.

Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument

    Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument is In Southwest Washington state. it is also known for its dramatic 1980 eruption and due to that explosions some of the very interesting destinations here were made. From the horseshoe-shaped crater left behind on the summit to the subterranean lava tubes formed more than 2,000 years ago.'
Famous attractions on Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument : Harry's Ridge Trail, Ape Caves Lave Tube, Norway Pass, Monitor Ridge Summit Trail, Windy Ridge Trail, Lava Canyon, Birth of Coldwater Lake Trail, Loowit Trail, Hummocks Trail, Harmony, June Lake Trail.

8.        Spokane.

Spokane Washington

    Spokane is Washington's second largest city which is located on the eastern side of the state. Spokane river adds way more beauty to this city. Riverfront Park is the main attraction of this city.

                  Other famous tourist destinations to visit in Spokane are  John A. Finch Arboretum, the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture and Spokane Falls. There are many golf clubs to go as well as Manito Park, Riverside State Park, Centennial Trail, Summit at Mount Spokane State Park, Rocks of Sharon, Dishman Hills Conservation Area, the Martin Woldson Theater at The Fox, the Slopes at Mount Spokane Ski & Snowboard Park, St. John's Cathedral Are must to go places in Spokane

9.        Columbia River Gorge.

Columbia River Gorge Washington

     The Columbia River Gorge is located To The South of the Rattlesnake Hills, and right inside the heart of the Columbia River Plateau. The gorge passes from the Cascade Mountains forming the boundary among Washington and Oregon, and you may get impressive perspectives of the gorge from above. The Multnomah Falls cascade right into the gorge at one point, most effective adding to the beauty of this precise vacation spot.

    Latourell Falls, Oneonta Gorge, Historic Columbia River Highway, Beacon Rock State Park, Wahkeena Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, Horsetail Falls, Bonneville Dam are some of the many places to explore while visiting Columbia river Gorge.

10.      Lake Chelan.  

Lake Chelan Washington

Lake Chelan  is At the bottom of Washington’s North Cascades Mountain Range, a hub for surroundings, outdoor recreation and wine tasting in the Pacific Northwest. Visiting vineyards is more imagining to the region, and you could spend a day sipping and sightseeing at places like Vin du Lac Winery, Karma Vineyards or Mellisoni Vineyards.

For a more in-depth study the top notch natural terrain, ride on a seaplane that takes to the air and lands within the lake itself, or strive water-skiing in the summer times. Hiking there is also very heart touching, and on Historic Main Street you could dine on farm-to-desk delicacies from a variety of impartial eateries. 

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