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Chubu region Japan

        Chubu, The Center of Japan's Main island Honshu contains some of the many attractive sites of Country. It has some Experiences and scenarios that Cannot be found or felt anywhere else. But unfortunately large of it being mountainous area it is ignored by many Visitors. In this specific post we'll be happy to share some of the amazing information about the region as well as some must visit places and destinations.

    Chubu is located in the middle of Honshu island, word Chubu literally means Central region. It's Located between Kanto and Kansai regions, Most of the area in the Chubu region is mountainous it is also home to the world known Mount Fuji and Japanese Alps. Among Some of the highest mountain ranges are the Hida Mountains and Kiso Mountains. Region contains many large industries including Automobile and air craft manufacturing Industries.

Chubu region Japan

Prefectures and Cities:

        The region is divided in sub regions based on its geography, Which are Hokuriku Region, Tokai Region and Koshinetsu Region. Tokai region is the southern side of region sharing its boundaries with Pacific Ocean. Hokuriku is the northwestern part of the Chubu located along side The Sea Of Japan. While Koshinetsu Region is located in the east of the Chubu region made up with Mountainous areas mostly. 

Chubu region Japan

    These sub regions consists on nine prefectures which are Niigata Prefecture, Fukui Prefecture, Ishikawa Prefecture, Toyama Prefecture, Yamanashi Prefecture, Gifu Prefecture, Shizuoka Prefecture, Nagano Prefecture and Aichi Prefecture. These prefectures are further divided into cities, towns and villages. Below are Described these prefectures and cities according to Sub regions.


Chubu region Japan

Aichi Prefecture : 

    Anjo, Chiryu, Chita, Gamagori, Handa, Hekinan, Ichinomiya, Inazawa, Inuyama, Iwakura, Kariya, Kasugai, Kiyosu, Komaki, Konan, Miyoshi, Nagakute, Nagoya, Nishio, Nisshin, Okazaki, Owariasahi, Seto, Shinshiro, Tahara, Takahama, Tokoname, Tokai, Toyoake and Toyohashi.

Gifu Prefecture :

    Gifu City, Gujo City, Kaizu City, Kakamigahara City, Kani City, Minokamo City, Mizunami City, Nakatsugawa City, Ogaki City, Seki City, Shirakawa Village, Takayama City, Toki City, Yaotsu Town.

Shizuoka Prefecture :

    Fuji City, Fujinomiya City, Gotemba City, Hamamatsu City, Ito City, Kakegawa City, Mishima City, Nishiizu Town Numazu City, Shimada City, Shizuoka City.


Chubu region Japan

Fukui Prefecture :

    Fukui City, Katsuyama City, Mihama Town, Obama City, Ono City, Sabae City, Tsuruga City, Wakasa Town.

Ishikawa Prefecture :

    Kaga City, Kahoku City, Kanazawa City, Kawakita City, Komatsu City, Nomi City, Nonoichi Town, Shika Town.

Toyama Prefecture :

    Himi City, Imizu City, Kurobe City, Nanto City, Namerikawa City, Nyuzen Town, Oyabe City, Takaoka City, Tateyama Town, Toyama City, Uozu City.


Niigata Prefecture :

    Gosen City, Joetsu City, Kashiwazaki City, Nagaoka City, Niigata City, Ojiya City, Sanjo City, Tsubame City, Yuzawa Town.

Nagano Prefecture :

    Chikuma City, Chino City, Hakuba Village, Hara Village, Iida City, Karuizawa Town, Komoro City, Matsumoto City, Minowa Town, Nagano City, Nozawaonsen Village, Okaya City, Otari Village, Shimosuwa Town, Shiojiri City, Tomi City, Ueda City.

Yamanashi Prefecture :

    Fuefuki City, Fujikawaguchiko Town, Fujiyoshida City, Hokuto City, Kofu City, Masuho Town, Minamialps City, Minobu Town.

Chubu region Japan

Famous Destinations :

Region is filled with natural beauty and other attractions which are difficult to describe in one place so we'll discuss about these in a separate post, these are some of many countless places to visit in The Chubu region Japan;
    Mount Fuji, Matsumoto Castle, Fuji Five Lakes, Nagoya Castle, Japanese Alps, Fuji-Q Highland, Kanazawa Castle, Hida Minzoku Mura Folk Village, Kamikochi, Zenkō-ji Temple, Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology in Nagoya, Nabana no Sato Flower Park in Kuwana, Inuyama Castle, Historic Villages of Shirakawa-gō and Gokayama, Shiraito Falls in Fujinomiya, Gotemba Premium Outlets Mall in Gotemba, Hamamatsu Air Park, Numazu Deep Sea Aquarium.

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