Basic Dog Grooming Techniques
Basic Dog Grooming Techniques

5 Easy Basic Dog Grooming Techniques – Dog grooming is a real challenge for a dog owner especially if the dog refuses to let you clean him. Whether it’s a first time for you to do it or not, you can always do something to make dog grooming comfortable for your dog. We will tell you how.

Dog grooming while he is still a puppy is always the secret. But what if your dog is adopted and is already old? That sounds hard to handle. But we tell you, buying the right tools and providing your dog enough time for grooming can do wonders! The best thing about doing it yourself is that it only takes a little investment to purchase the tools and you won’t have to pay high service charge for dog groomers.

It is important that you have to control your dog during the process. Your dog should sit or steadily lie for him to be comfortable throughout the process and so you can check each part of his coat properly. Do the dog grooming in an area of your house where he likes so he can enjoy the grooming process.

Groom your dog as how you would like to be groomed. At all times, observe gentle handling. Establish authority, be firm when speaking to him so he will know that you mean what you’re saying but don’t force him if he persists. Start with short session for a couple of weeks and slowly increase the time to longer sessions.

Keep in mind that dogs appreciate the time you spend with them. Show them enough time and tender loving care as often as possible and they will surely love you back! Follow this simple dog grooming tips and you will have a happy relationship with your dog.

Basic Dog Grooming Techniques

Are you tired of bringing your dog to a professional dog grooming? Have you ever felt that you’ve spent too much for your dog’s grooming session? If you want to save and avoid spending too much per session of your dog’s beautification, the best and only solution is to learn the basic dog grooming techniques.

Dog grooming is not an easy job, which is why you need a professional to do the job for you. There are cases when dogs are hard to tame, some will snap at you or even bite you.

However, learning the basic dog grooming techniques will surely help you groom your dog without having to pay someone. All you need are the tools which you can buy online or to your nearest department store or pet shop. Here are the things to keep in mind.

First, you must see to it that you frequently bathe your dog. Bathing your dog ensures a clean hygiene. Make sure to use the right shampoo and conditioner. The right soap is also recommended. Some dogs are allergic to some shampoo contents so make the bathing tools you’re using are not too harsh for the dogs’ skin. After bathing then of course you’ll have to blow them dry.

Since you’ll be doing that at home, you can use a fan or even a blow dryer, it’s convenient and cheap. Using the blow dryer is faster compare to using the normal fan, all you need to check is the temperature of the dryer. It must not be too hot to avoid any skin irritations or burns.

Second, make sure to comb your dog’s hair and check for any matting formation. If there is, try to make sure to untangle or demat it. Continue to comb your dog’s hair until all seems to be smooth without matting formation.

Once your dog’s hair is done, you may start cutting it. You can start on your dog’s eye area to make sure his hair won’t cover his eyes.

You can just trim it to make sure your dogs overall appearance is still great! If you have no proper training on how to cut a dog’s hair then never attempt to cut it without making any plan on how your dog should look like.

Third, you can start cutting the nails of your dog. Make sure not to cut it too short as this may cause bleeding. Make sure to cut only the nail part which doesn’t have a blood vessel or a reddish brown like color on his nails.

There are cases when you have to tie your dog or pin him down, have someone to help you while doing the nails. Some dogs aren’t comfortable with this procedure and will sometimes fight back or tend to pull their feet.

Now, all these basic steps are given and the last thing to make sure is that your dog’s eyes and ears are clean. Remove visible dirt on their eyes and ears, and make sure to brush their hair again before wrapping up.

These are just the basic things you need to know when grooming your own dog. It’s easy, safe and above all, you’re able to save for other important things for your dog such as vaccinations or food.

Simple Tips on Grooming Your Dog at Home

Dog grooming mobile near me
Dog grooming mobile near me

Having a dog is good for any home but caring for any dog is not easy because it requires a lot of money. Main thing for a dog is grooming, it is an essential part to keep your dog healthy and fit, but persons who have less income are trying to decrease the cost for grooming their dogs. To decrease the cost of grooming many peoples have selected a way to groom their dog at home.

A lot of peoples considered shampooing and trimming as complete grooming but this thinking is completely wrong, grooming a dog also requires care for eyes, teeth and ears by cleaning of ears to protect them from infections and by brushing the teeth, while you are grooming your dog try to detect problems of ear and skin, over grown nail, runny eyes etc.

Requirements for grooming a dog are different because of the factors of age, health and breed but it can be helpful for you to put your dog on a table and then start grooming because it makes easy for you to groom. It is also good to purchase a Dog Grooming Table to perform grooming with safety.

It is also important to select a grooming tool which is perfect for your dog. If your dog is short coated then zoom groom and FURminator can be suitable for your dog, if your dog is among double-coated then a slicker brush is perfect for your dog which also have a comb.

Shampoo has also a leading part in a grooming, so select a shampoo for your dog with a lot of concentration because it can surely improve the heath of your dog.

If the coat of your dog is silky, then also use a conditioner to avoid tangling, it will also make easy for you to brush and keep the skin of dog in good condition. Always select a product according to the requirement of your dog’s coat and skin.

If you have a pet dog then you can groom him every day, this can prevent your dog from skin problems. By spending some minutes daily for grooming your pet dog you can discover a great change in the behavior of your dog with you and your family members.

Also check the ears of your dog daily because it can be occasionally require trimming the hair from the ear to enable more air flow, whenever you feel any ear problem quickly consult it with your dog’s vet.

If you will get success in grooming your dog every day perfectly with the products of good quality, then you can surely provide your dog a beautiful, luxurious, well and joyful life.

Daily Dog Grooming

Owning a dog is an important responsibility that goes way beyond feeding and walking one’s dog. One of the most important responsibilities of the dog owner is grooming the dog. Generally, there are 2 levels or types of grooming.

There is daily grooming, which should be a part of the owner’s and the dog’s daily routine. Periodic grooming, such as when a professional cuts the dog’s fur. The purpose here is to discuss daily grooming by the owner. Grooming is essential.

It maintains the dog’s health, and just as importantly, it builds trust and confidence between owner and dog. The first rule of daily grooming is to make it routine. Remember, dogs love routine. They have an internal clock, which is amazingly accurate.

To know that grooming occurs every day at the same time is comforting to a dog. It is suggested that you make grooming, or any arduous task, at the same time every day, just before mealtime. This way, the dog will choose to be obedient and get the grooming over with so he/she can eat.

Dogs with long, fine hair, such as Cocker spaniels, Shih Tzu’s, or poodles will take much longer to groom than a short hair, such as Labrador’s, Dachshunds, or Beagles. The basic elements good grooming is the following:

  • Combing and brushing
  • Checking or clipping nails
  • Checking for parasites
  • Bathing
  • Dental Care

Basic Elements Good Dog Grooming

Combing and Brushing

Imagine never combing your hair. You would never let it happen, but some people would let their dog go its whole life without combing or brushing. The propose behind combing and brushing is to remove dead hair and skin, and to maintain its skin. Unbelievably, dogs get eczema, dandruff, dry skin and many other maladies.

Checking/Clipping Nails

Checking the nails for cracks or bleeding is important. If a dog’s nails are allowed to grow, they will become long and curled just as a human’s does.

Check for parasites

This should be a daily task. Checking the anus for worms, the coat and belly for ticks or fleas should be a daily occurrence.


Bathing should occur no more than once or twice a month, because it is not good to wash all oils from the skin. It also improves the smell of your dog.

Dental Care

This is a tricky one, I do not recommend brushing dog’s teeth, however the dog should not be on a steady diet of soft foods, as this will allow for tartar build up.

In summary, owning a dog is a vital responsibility. Grooming is an opportunity to spend some time with your dog, and it is necessary maintenance. Especially for dogs with long fine “hair”. It is a time for you to teach your dog some rudimentary basics, such as standing still on command. Most important of all, it is spending time with a faithful friend.

A Guide to Grooming Different Dogs

Dog grooming classes
Dog grooming classes

Dog grooming isn’t just for Poodles these days. No, indeed having a regular schedule for grooming can not only keep your dog fit and joyful, but its becoming quite popular. This process is also a bonus for helping keeping your pet free of parasites, eliminating skin problems, maintaining their good dental hygene, and giving them a fantastic looking coat.

Now, since we already know that having your pet pampered every now and then can bring out the best in them, and you, what should you typically expect from a professional dog grooming service?

These sessions can last between 1 – 2 hours tops, and usually address all of the canine hygene needs. This is usually what you can expect for this service.

A very thorough bath, sometimes it can include a flea dip, removing of tangles in hair, and a complete brushing Styling if you decide to request this (bandanas, bows, rhinestones, etc)

Having nails clipped Having ears cleaned and looked at for parasites Having dental care done.

So how often should I get my dog groomed?

This part is up to you and the breed of dog that you have. There are breeds that require more attention, more often. Some types of dogs rarely need this. This is also why I suggest that before going through with a dog adoption or buying a new one, to investigate the breed to see what the grooming shoul be like.

Here is a really good guide to give you a better idea of grooming frequency

  1. Anything curly-coated. Pets like Poodles tend to contain really dense hair and a curly coat. Its very resistant to water. Typically a dog like this will need to be groomed about every two months.
  2. Short-coated. Corgis and Boxers are two dogs as examples that have short ense coats. They should be brushed regularly, but only need to be bathed one to two times a year.
  3. Long-coated. Sheepdogs and Collies will typically need a daily brushing to maintain their coat. They should also be bathed about every other month.
  4. Silk-coats. Cocker Spaniels and Pekines are two examples of silk-coated dogs. They should technically be brushed daily and probably will require and very detailed grooming session about 4 – 5 times per year.
  5. Wire-coated. Dogs like Terriers and Schnauzers require a lot of grooming. Bathing should be done about every three months or so, and the coat should be trimmed every 6 – 8 weeks.
  6. Smooth-coated. Doberman Pinschers and Retrievers are some dogs with smooth coats.

These dogs are actually extremely low maintenance. Bathing and brushing here and there is perfectly fine for them.

Best Dog Grooming Shears

Dog grooming in my area
Dog grooming in my area

Grooming is as important to dogs as it is to humans. Since it is a long lasting commitment, you want to ensure that you are enjoying the process as much as the finished product. Part of the grooming process involves hair clipping, knowing the best tools to use can be very rewarding.

Getting the best dog grooming shears is not only a good investment for those many dog years of haircuts, it also goes a long way to ensuring that you enjoy each grooming session.

When looking for dog grooming shears, one can run up with a number of choices. Although good shears are generally expensive, the price really is not a factor when deciding quality; they must be durable, comfortable to hold, require less maintenance and provide clean, sharp cuts.

Recommendation from other dog owners and professionals are one of the surest ways to know which grooming shears is a good buy. Good grooming shears should be blunt on the tip to avoid injuries to the dog if it makes sudden movements during a cut.

Owning the best dog grooming shears doesn’t make for a great cut, no matter the kind of breed, there are basics that must be mastered to produce a reliable result. Depending on the breed, a whole cut might be needed while trimming and regular brushing would do for others.

For example, there are certain breeds that should not be clipped during certain periods because the hair plays a big role in regulating the body temperature of the dogs. Generally, long haired dogs need regular cuts and trim while short haired ones are fine with regular brushing.

Today, clippers, although more expensive are preferred to shears as they are faster and easier to use and provide a more even cut. There are many dedicated dog clippers available in the market today.

Grooming your dog might be such a chore and requires a bit of research but learning the best methods can make the experience a rewarding and less expensive one. What is the best dog grooming shears for you might not be same for other dog owners.

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